When the only constant in our future is fast change, we need a strategy board that we can all edit, change and adjust as the change happens. 
Goals ---> Strategy (Long Term) ---> Tactics (Short Term)



    Exponential change states that change is going to be compounding and accelerating way beyond what we ever anticipated.



    People with many talents or areas of knowledge are on the rise, the world and tools to create have never been more democratized.   



    Is the "veil" lifting in the world today? How do we help people navigate this high potential, perhaps supreme global challenge.  

    Desired Views

    • Visualize the evolution in the Dream Machine of how the goals link to the strategies to tactics to experiments - to questions to people to companies to keywords to wishlist. 


    • Research NOC safety, in other words, how can visual information be misleading? 
    • Add voting? 


    • The Strategy cock pit can be set up personally but also to reflect global numbers.  Everyone can set up their "Network Operations Center" differently. 

    • To Goals, anyone can add add strategies (long term) and to those add tactics (short term).

    • The NOC has a dual, nesting structure.  You can see micro (what we want as individuals) to macro (us as a group) applications. 

    • You can also link questions, hurdles, experiments and wishes and view the entire Dream Machine based on strategy commonalities only. 

    • This strategy NOC (Network Operations Center) is designed to get everyone looking at big picture strategy so we can be sure that we are clear about where we are going, where we want to go and how we might get there