Zenka is a plumber.  What collaboration infrastructure do we need to invite the world to scale and accelerate the global renaissance and consciousness movement? Zenka focuses on future gap strategy -- which draws attention to what is missing when we study the big picture. She works as an advocate for win/win partnerships and building content scaffolding which can move us from the age of information into the wisdom age.

Zenka is prototyping self organizing systems which will allow us to engineer our best future using small efforts which add up. Zenka’s current prototypes include The Wisdom Age Metaverse (a visual search engine),Triple Smart Labs (a high tech decentralized hardware share lab and citizen driven science platform) and the Dream Machine (an experiment in the passion based economy). 

Zenka graduated with honors from Northwestern Radio, Television and Film department. She transitioned from working in feature films to designing interactive software and streaming products for Akamai Technologies. After a ten year stint living in Argentina, working  as co-founder of a software development company called TripleSmart, she moved back to the US to develop augmented reality experiences. She currently lives in Los Angeles working as a social and metaverse architect focused on consciousness. 

She is co-founder of Triple Smart Labs and the Turquoise Collective.