What does Plan A look like? It depends who you ask.

This vision will come from companies, and governments, but individuals also have needs that need to be fleshed out and visualized.

People enter wishes.
Researchers and volunteers review this Wishlist and determine if the technology exists and if so who is working on it.
For things that don't exist, we put it in a grouping, and let people make ads for them, and hope that others are inspired to build them in create-cations and hack-a-thons.

We are also tracking our #FantasyFails, in hopes to get those fixed as well. 

LIST OF #FantasyFuture and #FantasyFails entries hung on the The Wishing Tree Wishlist.

What collaboration tools do we wish we had?  What software would make creation at the granular level easier? What things are missing in the world that would advance the core big picture strategies in the NOC? 

If we don't have a vision for the future, it will be much harder to get there.