Zenka Dashboard


Strength/Weakness: Sense of Time
Confession: I cook everything in life on 10, everything tends to burn but I don't like to slow down. 
Area of Intense Interest: Non-Local Time
Generation: Gen X  
Profession: Futurist, specializing in Metaverse Architecture and Gap Strategy
Linked: Husband (Xennial) and Son (Gen Alpha)
Location: Los Angeles, CA and Cordoba, Argentina

Current Top 4 Questions (history)

Goals - Prepare the world for a paradigm shift. 



Its getting easier, because we are getting it right.  At the center of the spiral, it can fall back and forth


Current Research - Spring 2018

The Dream Machine: What would this look like and how would we do it. Brought to you By Dream It. Plan It. Build It
Peak Human Perception
Lego Content Scaffolding Incubator
Wednesday Wishes: Zenka tries to follow her heart on Wednesdays, looking for patterns. Join us by dedicating 8 minutes or more Wednesday to anything you like. 
Passion Based Economy
Time Based Presence Living

Past Experiments

Unplugged - Summer 2018