Welcome to The Dream Machine*. This is a long term experiment in the newly possible. 
The reason we built this machine was to make each of our best lives real. 


Here we put what the #BigPicture Dreams to ensure that the tiny efforts we make will add up to something we want. 


Visit the The Hall of Hurdles, The Question , and the Big Picture Strategy Summit Suites


Visit the Meet the Researchers, Browse the Experiments, The Wishing Tree, Wield a Magic Wand.  



*Dedicated to James Hanusa who coined the phrase.  The Dream Machine will be created with the wisdom of individuals and the crowd over time on all platforms (mobile, text, XR etc.) 


The Wishing Tree

This is what powers the #PassionBasedEconomy.

At is core, It is a win-win computer matrix which matches what people want to what people have.

It also allows for crowd funding, philanthropy collectors and funding based on strategies.


This is literally the embodiment of the question, what is #PlanA and how do we reverse engineer it. It is an experiment in radical problem solving.

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