Spring 2018 - Unplugged (Experiment)
Summer/Fall 2019 - The Dream Machine Prototype in Airtable (sample content with experiments such as Stack Cast, NOC, Unicorn Level, Peak Perception, Wednesdays), Due Diligence, Mapping Communities, Bringing people together, talking about the project and getting and displaying feedback. 
Winter 2018 - Triple Smart Labs Argentina (Experiment), Los Ciegos, Infinity.
Spring 2018 - Metaverse Architecture, Early Education in The Dream Machine (Neuroscience + Music + Stack Casting)
Fall 2018 - Emergence, Quora NOC ?

Researchers: Zenka, Sofia Suardi

Researchers: Zenka, Sofia Suardi


Ever set aside some time to go #Unplugged?  You might do it for a hour a week, a day a week, over vacation?  What affect did it have on your life? This was the very first experiment in the R&D lab, and it had some unintended consequences!

Spring 2018: Incubation

" Stack Casting " is an experiment in the future of co-casting.

"Stack Casting" is an experiment in the future of co-casting.

Stack Cast

A stackable podcast created by individuals, grouped into stacks by computers.

The first twelve episodes are organized under the umbrella genre: Pronoia: What if the future wasn't so bad after all?

In this transmedia "content scaffolding" we interview passionate people who are using emerging technology to redefine what is possible.

"Stack Casting" is for creators who have always wanted to have a podcast or record interviews in virtual worlds but didn't want to commit to a weekly schedule, focus on a single topic, or go through the hurdles of publishing and promoting.  

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Pronoia: Engaging the people and ideas changing the world in bite sized pieces, together. 

These types of plumbing tools can help people become life long learners in a future of exponential change. It can also help people live their most passionate lives by empowering individuals to co-create content that they are inspired by.  The project is deeply rewarding because creators are doing something they love while being connected to something bigger.

This is a content scaffolding model for transmedia* content creation and aggregation. The project also looks at what the future of personalized playlists might look like, based on machine learning and new ways to simplify and contextualize data. 

Interviews are recorded, and then once 6 episodes are assembled on a single topic they are released.  Anyone can start a genre (like #ElephantInTheRoom or #Year2038) or topic threads such as (#Neuroscience, #FutureOfVacation #PersuasiveReality #Meditation etc.)


Summer/Fall 2018: Incubation


Researchers: Autumn Olivia, Zenka

Researchers: Autumn Olivia, Zenka


This experiment brings seamstresses to a local thrift store in August to help students customize a garment. Customizing clothes brings us closer to who we are as individuals, builds our self confidence and reduces the amount of clothes we toss. 

Fast Fashion Fatigue: One out of every six people on the planet work in the fashion industry, which is the 2nd biggest polluter in the world, second only to oil.  It takes 700 gallons of water to make a single t-shirt.  1/3 of our clothes sit in our closets unworn and 2/3 of the clothes at thrift stores go unsold and are taken to incineration sites. 

Summer 2018: Incubation

Researchers: Andres Borella, Fabian Aries

Researchers: Andres Borella, Fabian Aries


Cordoba, Argentina is home to one of the oldest universities in the americas, and today includes seven universities and a young population that is the heart of the creative design braintrust of the country. 

The Dream Machine is going to be installing 10 pieces of high tech equipment in universities and organizations so armchair scientists can access state of the art tools to do research.  

Winter 2018: Incubation



Can peak perception be achieved by brain wave and heart coherence?  Using a Muse brain sensing headband and the Flame in Mind app, we are looking to find out. 

Summer 2018: Incubation