The Dream Machine is a long term project in dreaming big.  It is a partnership between the past and the future, computers and humans.

The project relies on computers to increase the efficiency and impact we can have.   

  • Write down the requirements for the Airtable prototype once it is in an API on a website.  Mock up what the base prototype needs to so people can start to interact with the Dream Machine with rough starter data.
  • Create a video to explain what it is. 
  • Pull in consultants who can give feedback on the infrastructure and partners who can build this out.  We want to link to existing tools as much as possible. 
  • Create a white paper. Word doc eventually a Wiki. 
  • Continue to fill the Airtable prototype and test out how it would work, modify the tables as needed.  Clean up the data. Organize the tables.  
  • Set up a way to keep track of the feedback on the project!
  • Figure out what the MVP is. 
  • Start doing live casting videos about how it works.  Start having group calls to get feedback.