Stack Cast

Stack Cast: Engaging the people and ideas changing the world in bite sized pieces, together. 

  Stack Cast is a content scaffolding model for transmedia content creation and aggregation.

Stack Cast is a content scaffolding model for transmedia content creation and aggregation.

"Stack Casting" is an experimental podcasting prototype which allows co-creators to publish single podcasts episodes as a group.

Stack Cast is for creators who have always wanted to have a podcast (or record interviews in virtual worlds) but didn't want to commit to a weekly schedule, focus on a single topic, or go through the hurdles of publishing and promoting. 

Single podcasts are then organized into topic stacks (such as neuroscience, or collective intelligence).

The first twelve episodes are organized under the umbrella genre: Pronoia: What if the future wasn't so bad after all? We invite you to interview passionate people who are using emerging technology to redefine what is possible. 

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Have you been dying to interview someone?  Co-create with us.


Case for CO-Creation

In a future of exponential change and fast change, we hope to provide shared tools that will encourage us to become life long learners and even co-researchers along the lines of our passion.  The project empowers people to create content they love, intersect with heroes, and share passion with the world. 


  1. What type of "collaborative plumbing" and co-creation tools do we need to leverage our collective intelligence and bring ease and value to individual efforts?

  2. What onboarding system will be needed to get people from idea to publishing their first interview into the stack? What can we automate?

  3. What is the future of podcasting in virtual reality?

  4. What is the future of personalized playlists, based on machine learning and new ways to simplify and contextualize data. How can we visualize bigger data sets and customized playlists generated for each listener?

Project Schedule

Summer/Fall - 2018 - Incubation
The twelve kick-off episodes of the experiment are being recorded under the genre umbrella "Pronoia" and will consist of 12 interviews with people who are using new ideas to rethink the possible. 

Winter 2018 - Triple Smart Labs

Stack Cast is also tied to physical podcasting hardware we will be crowd funding and taking to Cordoba, Argentina in November in 2018.  Donors can track the hardware they donated to see what podcasts have been recorded during the life of the hardware. 

The seed project of the stackable audio podcast eventually can grow to stack content across multiple topics and media types (including written stories and augmented reality). Anyone can start a genre or topic clusters such as (#Neuroscience, #FutureOfVacation #PersuasiveReality #Meditation etc.)

Project Participants: Jason Berger (lead), Zenka (problem solver, armchair scientists), Jenny Mills (graphic artist) and Andres Borella (Argentinian lead).  If you would like to join the team, let us know