PK Party #2 - IONS Institute of Noetic Sciences - 18th Annual International Conference - July 19, 2019 - Santa Clara, CA, USA

PK Party #2 - IONS Institute of Noetic Sciences - 18th Annual International Conference - July 19, 2019 - Santa Clara, CA, USA


Interested in hosting a Mind Over Matter - spoon bending Party?

You have come to the right place. Below you will find information and links that will help you organize your event.

PK Party Resources

  • The Recommended Party Composition (according to Jack Houck)

    • 25% Kids

    • 25% Psychic type people

    • 50% Regular, open-minded people

    • Note: We believe it is important to have one person (other than yourself) that can bend spoons at the party, especially if it is your first time hosting. This ensures the “instant belief change” will happen in the group and will improve your results.

  • A festive atmosphere filled with yelling and pandemonium. Your party must be a “peak emotional experience”, where people loose themselves in the excitement of the moment.

  • Printable Images to show during initial presentation.

  • Printable Participant Survey to collect results. You can (email triplesmartlabs (at) gmail.com to suggest edits and improvements)

  • PK Party instructions and research by the late Jack Houck (This pioneer hosted over 16,000 participants with 85% success ratio over the course of 8 years).

  • Party Supplies

    • Spoons and Forks - Best to get quirky, used spoons and forks at thrift stores, but we found you can also pick up inexpensive spoons and forks at Katom.com. You can also get steel and aluminum rods and even plastic spoons work.

    • Pendulums - Can be shared by participants and can be purchased on E-Bay and Amazon.

  • Free PK Party Phone Consultation (15 min) with Zenka (email triplesmartlabs (at) gmail.com) to set up a call.

  • PK Party Flow

    • Manage the guests as close to the 25% kids (age 5+), 25% psychics, 50% open minded adults with 2 prior spoon benders as possible. Note kids under 5 get scared with all the noise.

    • Guests arrive and are given a pendulum and asked to identify a “yes” and a “no”. The yes could be back and forth, up and down, or counter clockwise etc. Once they identify yes, ask your body to show you “no”. Then with the pendulum ask the spoon “Are you willing to bend for me tonight?”. Keep 5 spoons and 2 forks. This process is getting permission from your subconscious mind to bend.

    • Guest can fill out the top portion of the survey while they wait for everyone to arrive.

    • The host explains the mechanics of the grain lines (see handouts), and the process. In a circle lead the group to focus their energy into a very concentrated point in their heads. Work that down through the arm into the smallest neck of the spoon. Yell in unison “bend”, “bend”, “bend” and then release the thought and let it happen. The spoons will start bending at some point and will have 5-30 seconds from the time they get puddy like to the time they harden.

    • Have the guests fill out the end of the survey and take photos if desired.

    • Analyze the data using the post event excel spread sheet, and be sure to let us know what happened triplesmartlabs (at) gmail.com , so we can collect the group results!

      Can we accelerate a mass shift in consciousness using shared data visualization and interconnected, cutting-edge citizen science research? Can lego like infrastructures propel and massify the consciousness movement?