Start Up Goals
Create starter content and overview materials to attract partners to further develop the project.

Overview Materials Include:

  • Website Created
  • Concept Explained
  • 2 min Intro Video
  • Basic Podcasting Recording and Interviewing Guide
  • Philanthropy Models Explained (equipment tracking and themed collections)
  • Consulting Support with industry experts on best practices, and viability of future goals
  • Temporary Logo and show graphics created
  • Temporary Show Pre-Roll and show Post-Roll recorded
  • Beta podcasts created and posted
    • 4 Podcasts edited and posted by Zenka

    • 8 Podcasts edited and posted by Armchair Scientists


With this material the project can look for funding to take the project into Phase I.

Phase I Research Includes:

  • Freelance admin to oversee the project development

  • Enhance the website with more resources and add a way for people to submit podcasting failures (aka tips) to the group learning page.

  • Functional MVP (minimum viable project) where armchair scientists can upload files for publishing) with an initial manual system for review publishing by the other users or by an admin.

  • Pairing with a small organization to create 40 episodes and research into larger communities for Phase II.

  • Continued research into a software design for a system of ordering, upvoting, splicing and publishing podcasts based on themes/genre/tags/individual questions.

  • Testing out virtual reality podcasting format to draw attention to the project.