This is where we interview each other.
If you have always wanted to do a podcast but didn't want to do an entire series, stick to a schedule or worry about publishing it this content scaffolding lab experiment is for you!  


  • We provide citizen scientists with an "excuse" to interview their favorite people. They can use the umbrella branding of the project to pitch interviews. 
  • Computers customize our experience of listening to them by creating customized playlists based on our passions and daily curiosities.
  • We synthesize training for people on how to create recordings and recommend easy or inexpensive ways to record, edit and submit.
  • We visualize trends in the topics our users create. 
  • In addition to topics hash tagging, users can create genre invitations such as "The Elephant in the Room" or "Reporting from the year 2028".
  • Hardware and software donated to the experiment get tracked through the life of their use podcast by podcast so donors can watch (or listen to) their impact over time.
  • The project covers all types of media from audio only, to video, to 360 and virtual reality. 
  • We seek gender balance. 
  • We share our mistakes and failures publicly as the project evolves. 
  • The project can be embedded into a company or organization where a room is set up and employees each get a day to invite someone to be interviewed.
  • Wishlist - Eventually we develop automated software to make the editing process easy so the system can automatically transcribe the content, allowing people to do rough text edits, which get pre-assembled and delivered into a rough edit for human tweaking and automated sound EQ.  We would also love to automate question answer pairs so people can search the database based on common single questions across interviews. 

Summer 2018 - Zenka and J B are working with friends to gather some interviews, start posting and develop a basic website and graphics for the project. 
Fall 2018 - Zenka and J B start to design the minimum viable product to slowly grow the project. 
Winter 2018 - Zenka brings recording equipment to Cordoba, Argentina