Can we cradle people through a shift in consciousness by providing them a rich set of resources to support them throughout the transformation process? This mini prototype based of IONS research is giving us some starter parameters. Take the Survey.

Survey Results

STEP 1: Discrepancy

If you have had a shift in your consciousness, what do you think triggered it?


This diagram shows the responses of 60 people some from our propulsion scientists and some from the IONS conference.

  • The books referenced were: Silent Spring and Celestine Prophecies

  • The workshops mentioned were: Shadow Program with Kim Barata, Silva Method, spending a week in silence


Step 2: Accommodation

What was the thing that kept your mind opened after your transformative experience to be open to learning more?

Each week we will ask a new question and show the results from the last question to the group. Haven’t taken the survey? Become a propulsion scientists and help us map our transformation journey.

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