.Matching What We Want to What We Have

Wishes get tracked.

Think of this a no-dollar E-bay. 

This is where innovation researchers and companies come together to advance small experiments which we can later scale.

Current Totals:

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Reducing the Cost of Experimentation

Coordination of efficiency using computers, allows us to significantly reduce the amount of cash needed to green light the experiments in your lab.  For example, if we were able to get all of the hardware and software for the experiments donated by the companies who make them we would need very little cash.

We make donating fun by catering to the donors and allowing them to track in real time all of the projects which were done using the resources they provided over. time.

For example, hardware gets tracked so donors can collect all of the experiments which have been done using a single piece of donated hardware, such as a podcasting microphone

The power of The Dream Machine is that it is interconnected.  This list of wishes can be sorted by strategies which match your values, experiments which you are curious about, or resources you or someone in your circles might have access to.

LIST OF SOFTWARE, HARDWARE and EXPERTISE armchair scientists are currently seeking.