Zenka is a futurist. She specializes in metaverse architecture*. 

Zenka has experience running companies, managing teams, consulting business on exponential change and researching frontier technology. She is also a mother and an artist (specializing in street art and Raku sculpture). 

Zenka specializes in the future's "gap strategy" -- which aims to draw attention to what is missing when we study the big picture.  She works as an advocate in these gap areas: 

  • High Tech Innovation Labs for Armchair Scientists
  • Finding Inner Peace through Trial and Error
  • Reviewing Ancient Wisdom & the Newly Possible
  • Designing a Strategy Cockpit and Dream Machine 


Summer 2018
Zenka works to nest big picture ideas in the small picture. 

First order of business: An armchair scientist lab (for everyday people) to look at the big picture and build strategies and match making tools to act on the ideas. 

* Metaverse Architecture - 3D web / extended reality (virtual Reality and augmented Reality) shared spaces, tools and environments (AKA virutal/augmented/mixed reality plumber).