Zenka | Zenka’s VR Heads
Zenka is a sculpture and a futurist who makes art for the galactic age. Her work uses augmented reality technology, ancient raku, and even street art techniques.
augmented reality art, raku, virtual reality, knowledge age, street art los angeles, art and technology, virtual reality art.
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matthew terndrup magic leap arZenka first displayed her VR heads at the District Gallery in Los Angeles in March 2015. The exhibit, called “Presence” included over 30 headsets chronicling the last 50 years in the development of virtual and augmented reality technology.

The timeline started with early NASA models and Ivan Sutherland’s “Ultimate Display” from 1965.  The later versions included models like Oculus Rift, Sulon Cortex, Smart EyeGlass and Hololens.

Zenka’s raku firing process involves pulling pieces from the kiln at extreme temperatures and throwing them into a bucket of combustibles which ignite into flames.

Check out the sculptures on a 3D timeline.

Become Part of the Collection

Sculptures of  industry greats and VR enthusiasts are now being added to the VR head collection via gift and via custom orders.  Become part of history and join the collection wearing your favorite vintage or cutting edge VR goggles.

Select Project Press

These Brilliant Sculpture Masks Chart Virtual Reality’s History | Road To VR | by Matthew Terndrup | April 25, 2015

At Last! Virtual Reality Becomes Virtually Real | KCRW (print and radio segment) | by Lisa Napoli | March 4, 2015

Tour of Zenka Art Exhibit: The History of Virtual Reality in Japanese Raku Sculpture | Vrideo (360 video interview) | by Chadwick Turner | July 11, 2015

Preview of Virtual Reality’s “Presence” by Zenka, Opening at District Gallery Saturday| Cartwheel Art Magazine | by Cindy Schwarzstein | March 5, 2015

Ceramic Street Artist Zenka Takes on Virtual Reality | LATaco | March 6th, 2015

oculus crystal cove   meta pro 2

Verve Dots VR Headset    Sony Smart Glasses Scupture


early Nasa Virtual Reality    History of Nasa Vr

Oculus Dev Kit 2 sculpture   Google Cardboard Sculpture

Polaroid 3D paper glasses    XMen Cyclops

meta vr space goggles    xscope vr goggle sculpture

VR HMD Headmounted Display VR

vr headmounted display

NASA VR Virtual Reality Goggles    Google Cardboard

Oculus Dev Kit 2 Sculpture     NASA VR Virtual Reality

sony smart glasses AR     Xmen-cyclops

polaroid paper glasses     HoloLens Microsoft VR


oculus-Crystal-Cove    raku-glaze

occulus-rift     zenka-vr-headmounted-display-raku--14

zenka-vr-headmounted-display-raku--11     sony-headmounted-vr

cearmic services reduction coffin ken wagner    raku-vr-heads-sculpture-by-zenka


zenka-vr-headmounted-display-raku--10     zenka-vr-headmounted-display-raku--9

zenka-clear-crackle-raku-420-315    zenka-early-vr-headset

raku firing process     raku firing process