Zenka | Triangle Duality
Zenka is a sculpture and a futurist who makes art for the galactic age. Her work uses augmented reality technology, ancient raku, and even street art techniques.
augmented reality art, raku, virtual reality, knowledge age, street art los angeles, art and technology, virtual reality art.
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Romi-Fin-de-Ano-Feria-2014133This street art series, includes an optical illusion of two opposing images painted on either side of a slanted surface. When people walk by the see the image gradually change.

The themes includes things such as:

  • Campfire —> Microwave
  • Airplane —> Bird
  • Cow –> Hamburger
  • Heart –> Brain
  • Sperm –> Ovary
  • Clock —> Hour Glass
  • City –> Outerspace
  • Infinity –> Myan Temple

The series was installed in:

  • Mexico City, Mexico
  • Cordoba, Argentina
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Portland, USA


Ceramic op-art pieces by Zenka on the street.


Installed in Mexico City, Mexico December 2012.

Installed in Córdoba Argentina January 2013, Roma near Garay.

Romi-Fin-de-Ano-Feria-201499    Romi-Fin-de-Ano-Feria-201479

Romi-Fin-de-Ano-Feria-201492    Romi-Fin-de-Ano-Feria-201466

Romi-Fin-de-Ano-Feria-20148    Romi-Fin-de-Ano-Feria-201454

Romi-Fin-de-Ano-Feria-20148-(1)    Romi-Fin-de-Ano-Feria-20147

Romi-Fin-de-Ano-Feria-201492    Romi-Fin-de-Ano-Feria-201480