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Zenka is a sculpture and a futurist who makes art for the galactic age. Her work uses augmented reality technology, ancient raku, and even street art techniques.
augmented reality art, raku, virtual reality, knowledge age, street art los angeles, art and technology, virtual reality art.
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VR App Ideas AR app IdeasDuring my VR Head exhibit at the District Gallery, an engineer from the original Google Glass team came in and I told him that I had a lots of ideas for augmented reality apps.  He asked me to sent them to him.  So I began to write them down.  I kept a pen by my bed and in about 2 weeks I had 75 ideas.

On July 4th of 2015, the book Zenka’s Toilet Reader: 75 Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Apps to Fuel the Revolution was printed.  The book made it’s debut at the SoCal VR Conference on July 12, 2015.

The first edition of 99 copies are numbered and signed and can be ordered here. Or you can download your free copy. 

Next Move: Have an idea you want to share with the community? Tweet it with the hash tag #vrappidea or #arappidea

zenka toilet reader app ideas for augmented reality and virtual reality