Zenka | Speak Freely: We Are Bugged
Zenka is a sculpture and a futurist who makes art for the galactic age. Her work uses augmented reality technology, ancient raku, and even street art techniques.
augmented reality art, raku, virtual reality, knowledge age, street art los angeles, art and technology, virtual reality art.
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Ceramic Street Art

“Speak Freely: We Are Bugged” is a Zenka street art project which involves ceramic bugs cemented playfully around urban landscapes.  The sleek ceramic textures are silky to the touch and give public walls an unexpected 3D pop.

Ceramic Street Art

Cordoba, Argentina

swoon wheat paste la - zenka creamic

Los Angeles

Participatory Street Art

The current iterations include a participatory Do-It-Yourself  Street Art Kit (perfect for an unforgettable date night!). The installation kit has everything you need: thinset mortar, paint, instructions and a bug leg stencil. Get your kit at District Gallery (Los Angeles,CA), Six Days Gallery (Portland, OR) or at StreetCraft Gallery (Venice, CA) or contact Zenka.

Ceramic Street Art Kit

DIY ceramic street art kit


The bugs can be found scattered around Cordoba, Argentina, Mexico City, Panama City , Portland and Los Angeles.  Some include augmented reality.

Panama City

street art panama city

arte callejero casco viejo panama   arte callejero casco viejo panama


street art portland   street art portland

street art portland bugs

Mexico City

Ceramic Street Art Arte Cajejero DF

Ceramic Street Art Zenka

Gallery Versions

Gallery versions are the size of a human torso and include stained glass wings and hair.

ceramic bug sculpture   gigantic-ceramic-fly-zenka

gigantic-ceramic-fly   ceramic-fly

Bugs Are Weird

I am constantly blown away by the strangeness of these bugs.  If I didn’t know better I would say some of the bugs I have looked up are pure fantasy.  It makes me want to create some mutant cross breads. Click below to see the gallery of internet bugs. But what ever you do, DON’T LOOK AT THIS ONE. 

Weird Bugs

Making of Photo Gallery

ceramic-street-art-bugs   ceramic street art

ceramic street art   ceramic street art

ceramic street art bugs   ceramic-bug-street-art-zenka-2