Zenka | Raku Sculpture Virtual Reality
Zenka is a sculpture and a futurist who makes art for the galactic age. Her work uses augmented reality technology, ancient raku, and even street art techniques.
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Raku Sculpture

virtual reality art raku sculpture

Raku is an ancient Japanese ceramic firing technique (from the 1500’s) which was invented by immigrant Koreans to rapidly fire roof tiles after an earthquake. The technique was at this time called “now ware” (ima-yaki) because it was considered completely avant-guard.  Zenka sculpts futuristic objects (astronaut space helmets, virtual reality joy sticks and headsets) and nostalgia technology (such as old brick cellphones) in raku.

htc vive prototype by zenka  htc vive prototype by zenka raku kiln clay yard

VR Heads

Zenka is known for a massive sculptural timeline charting the history of VR and AR headsets over the last 50 years.

Her most recent work, dives in deeper to look at specific virtual and augmented reality hardware companies – tracing the fascinating and tumultuous development cycles which a single headset goes through on it’s way to the the public.

This VR evolution series embodies the type of thinking critical to surviving fast change in the future. The development process rewards companies that are agile enough to constantly reinvent and rethink their products.

htc vive protypes   htc vive protypes

The headsets in the collection are held in private collections, some are for sale and others will be showing in Los Angeles in 2017.  A large group of them can be seen in the permanent collection of Delta Airlines in Terminal 2 at Delta Airlines at JFK SkyClub.

The series depicts headsets from big companies like HTC Vive and Meta and small startups such as FOVE and StarVR.  Some of the people wearing the headsets are luminaries such as Sergey, Brin, Ted Schilowitz, and even Jeff Bridges.  Become part of the collection or watch them be raku fired.

Select Project Press

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