Zenka | Custom VR AR Raku Heads
Zenka is a sculpture and a futurist who makes art for the galactic age. Her work uses augmented reality technology, ancient raku, and even street art techniques.
augmented reality art, raku, virtual reality, knowledge age, street art los angeles, art and technology, virtual reality art.
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You can create a series of custom raku heads depicting yourself, friends or employees wearing VR or AR technology. Homages to employees (founders, engineers, designers and product leaders etc.) mark in history the people involved in the early days of the VR revolution.

$1200 per sculpture – $600 deposit and $600 upon delivery + tax & shipping.

Questions? Email: hello[at]zenka.org


Please have the subject hold their expression in place as you take a frontal photo and two ¾ views from the left and right sides.

1-sample-right-3-4 (1) 2-sample-head-on 3-sample-left-3-4

Then you will need to indicate the name of the headset you would like to appear in the sculpture.

Everyone in the lineup could wear the same headset or it could be a historical view of various headsets over the decades. The grouping could show the competition, or explore the development evolution of products within your company. A historic list of VR AR goggles are available as images on the bottom of this page or online: www.zenka.org/vrartimeline You can also browse the headsets in the collection which have been created to date for ideas.

zenka vr headsRaku Firing

Groups can be brought out to Ontario, CA (about 45 minutes from downtown LA) to Ceramic Services to view the dramatic firing process of the sculptures purchased. Or the process can be video taped or photographed for an additional fee of $275.

Pieces are taken out of the kiln with metal tongs at almost 2,000 degrees when they are red hot. They are placed into metal containers which burst into flames and then uncovered smoldering 20 minutes later.

Sculpture Head Pricing

  • Single $1200

Augmented reality overlays can be added to the sculptures for an additional cost.

If hands/arms are required for the sculpture add $400. Half of the payment is required before work starts and half upon delivery.


The sculptural works vary in size depending on the headset, hair and facial shape. Generally they are 14 inches tall x 12 inches wide by 6 to 10 inches deep which is 1.5 to 2 times the size of a human head.

Wall Coverage

They can be hung vertically (typically in a totem of three) or strung horizontally in a row down a hallway or in a conference room.

Eight inches is recommended between sculptures horizontally, 6 if hung vertically.

  • Three Heads Horizontally = Width 68 inches total, height 1416 inches
  • Five Heads Horizontally = Width 108 inches total, height 1416 inches
  • Ten Heads Horizontally = Width 208 inches total, height 1416 inches

(Calculations include eight inch separation from corner or other work to start the row)

Three Heads Vertically = Width 1214 inches total, height 58 inches


The sculptures are hung using braided metal wire attached to a system of three hooks integral to the clay sculpture. The pieces can be hung without wall studs in regular drywall using 50lb picture frame angled nails.


Allow up to 90 days for delivery.  Shipping from Los Angeles not included. Sculptures can be crated and send via FedEx or could be boxed and picked up or driven via courier.

Some VR / AR Headset Options

VR-AR-Samples-1 VR-AR-Samples-2 VR-AR-Samples-3